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Skipping those you don’t fancy remains anonymous unless they’ve liked you (awkward).

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Return to Article Index Return to Audio Index It seems like there should be a verse that reads, “To everyone God has apportioned at least one difficult person.” The truth is that we all have relationships that drive us to distraction, and one key challenge is figuring out how to set Christian boundaries. We see this in Jesus’ life, which is why He often had to set boundaries. Love their soul – Love is not taking the easy way out by being “nice.” Nice is an American concept, love is the biblical goal. Love sincerely – Love is the key ingredient in every relationship.

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It seems simple, but which date to write on a contract, and how to interpret the dates often raises some fiddly.

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It certainly looks, at first glance, like a load of old nonsense comprising bare breasts, fighting, dragons and not much else. But the cleverness of Game of Thrones is that, the more you watch it, the more you realise you’re actually enjoying the intricate power plays, the pitch-perfect comic moments, and the apparently inconsequential characters who grow through intense hardship towards power and glory.